About the factory “Omega Plast”

The company "Omega Plast" produces plastic products: pump dispensers, vials and caps. For producing a high-quality goods we use high and low density polyethylene and polypropylene.

The latest technology in the production of plastics

The production is based on modern European technologies. Our assembly line is designed in Italy. It produces 2 items per second and allows us to carry out any order in the shortest time. We achieved high quality of products working with Italian compression molds and German injection press. The factory is located in Ozersk district of Moscow region.

Our factory

Provide European quality products. In process of designing a pump doser We use modern technical solutions. As a result, the product obtained is reliable in operation and pleasant in appearance.
The factory has installed a new injection molding and extrusion blow moulding machines of the best brands. Thereby we flexibly planned orders, guarantee high quality and compliance with all strict requirements. All products are certified.
The company's team consists of high level professionals with years of experience in the production of plastic products. Ready to respond to any of your requests - from designing the mold to manufacture the final product.

Our location

Photos from the factory.